syneris Web Applications

syneris Web Applications

syneris Web

In addition to the syneris Windows client, the various syneris Web Clients or Web Views offer site-independent availability and user-specific access options.

Using the Internet or intranet, the diverse possibilities of syneris can also be used web-based with notebook, smartphone or tablet.

syneris Web Clients

syneris Web Structure Client

The syneris Web Structure Client is a full-featured client that is similar in structure to the syneris Windows client, has essentially the same functions and offers fast access and editing options for all company-relevant information.

syneris Web Capture Client

The syneris Web Capture client is a multi-purpose client suitable for a wide variety of recording cases, e.g. for accidents, near misses, audits, inspections, damage reports, fault reports or risk potentials.

syneris Web Confirmation Client

The streamlined syneris Web Confirmation Client provides easy and swift access to area-specific topics and information that can be confirmed, rejected, or commented on by mouse click.

syneris Web LMS Client

The syneris Web LMS client supports the handling of face-to-face instructions & digital training. Training content can be quickly assigned, video modules can be integrated.

syneris Visitor Management

The syneris Visitor Management handles
the access control in the building or company premises for external visitors or external companies.

syneris Web Faceted Search Client

Based on the Web Structure Client, the Search Client offers multiple search options:
Full text search, autocomplete, facet search or search supported by operators.

syneris Web Dashboard

The syneris Web Dashboard provides a customizable overview of information in a consolidated form, such as open tasks, due instructions incl. graphic visualization.

syneris Web Views and APPs

The syneris Web Views are views based on the use case, which provide a well-organized presentation of selected content, e.g. from the areas of occupational safety, learning management, quality management and project planning, maintenance, production, …). Simplified processes and a high degree of user-friendliness characterize these web applications which guide the user to his or her goal with just a few clicks.

syneris Process Map

The web-based syneris process map allows processes to be displayed and linked to any syneris document or structure area.

Topic Based syneris Web View

The syneris Web View displays topic-based content that can be accessed by mouse click.

syneris Idea Management

The syneris idea management system maps all processes from the idea to the successful product launch. Continuous improvements in product development or process innovations can be visualized.

syneris Electronic Shift Book

Communication in shift operations such as the capturing of events, malfunctions, tasks or instructions including shift handover can be transparently documented with the syneris Electronic Shift Book.

syneris Activity View

The syneris Activity View provides quick access to user-specific use cases or to activity-related tasks which can be accessed by link.

syneris Room Directory

With the digital room directory from syneris, the complete object or plant structure can be captured, visualized and documented.

syneris Offline Apps

The syneris APP solutions enable cross-departmental work and support mobile data capture.

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