Personal Instructions

Icon personal instructions Personal Instruction and Training with syneris

syneris supports the conduction of personal instructions (like safety instructions) from preparation, assignment of the learning content to the written proof of completion.

syneris Processing Matrix

Personal or face to face instructions are created and prepared in syneris. With the help of the syneris processing matrix, individuals or entire departments can be selected for classroom training.
The matrix also provides an overview of the completion status of the assigned content with traffic light function.

By means of a syneris-generated QR code, the manually signed documents are automatically assigned correctly in the system.

syneris processing matrix for personal instructions
syneris processing matrix provides an overview of the completion status.

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Example Illustration: Instruction Lifting – Carrying

Personal Instruction supported by syneris
Personal instruction on lifting and carrying is planned. Relevant persons can be assigned with the matrix. At the push of a button participants are listed in a training document, a QR code created by syneris is applied.

The responsible employee conducts a face to face instruction and is available for questions. The successful instruction is confirmed by the participants with their signature.

After completing the instruction, the signed document is automatically imported into the system by scanning the QR code and can be stored at any location. Evidence from previous years is archived and is thus available at any time, e.g. for the labour inspectorate, occupational safety and health authority.

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