Cimgraph Output Management

CIMGRAPH Output Management, Conversion and Plot Management

CIMGRAPH offers convenient functions for converting technical documents, construction drawings as well as for complex print jobs: For archiving documents/drawings, for data exchange with other applications or for automated control of printers, plotters or repro systems.

CIMGRAPH Plot Management

The CIMGRAPH plot management system provides the customer with a customer-specific solution, from simple print jobs to complex plotting tasks. Whether you want to communicate with a normal office printer or a sensitive repro system, CIMGRAPH supports to achieve the best results.

Plot Management Functions


Complex file conversions are made easy with CIMGRAPH. It is a well-tried client/server based system, which optimizes all processes concerning archiving and viewing in combination with document management systems, EDM/PDM systems, CAD systems, MS-Office, PPS systems, etc. and provides them in a comfortable way for the user. This can be done in various ways such as a file storage, a data exchange with other applications or a print or plot job.

Features and Benefits


The effortless connection of CIMGRAPH to existing and new SAP systems stands out. By means of simple mechanisms, an extensive data transfer to CIMGRAPH can take place in order to make the output of the documents as simple as possible for the SAP user. Whether you need to initiate record processing, send a print job to different devices, or apply a special barcode to your bills of materials, CIMGRAPH offers a wide range of functions that can be perfectly adapted to your specific requirements.

Plotsuite Oracle®Agile PLM e6

Companies using Oracle® Agile PLM e6 for Product Lifecycle Management – for processing and managing models/bills of materials, documents, etc. – need automatic mechanisms to converte files into uniform graphic formats. In many cases, paper is still essential as an output medium. With PlotSuite for Oracle® Agile PLM e6 we offer an integrated solution for all conversion, printing and plotting tasks.

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