syneris Web Facet Search Client

syneris Facet Search

The syneris Web Facet Search Client is based on the Web Structure Client. With simple search field input (full text, autocomplete supported), a fast search in fields and in files of Windows Explorer directories is enabled.

Thematic searches are performed in various search sources using a standard web browser (e.g. in syneris and, if necessary, in Windows Explorer or local drives). Furthermore, there are flexibly customizable options to further specify the search process via facets (via freely restrictable time specifications, category or personnel specifications, …).

The entered search term is completed by autocomplete. In addition, a selection of similar or frequent search queries is displayed to provide quick search results. The entered search term or all synonyms assigned to this term will be searched for in “full text”.
The number of search results can now be further filtered by persons, different categories (logs, mails, offers, order, …).

In a next step, the listed information can be clicked on (preview becomes active) and viewed or opened.

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