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syneris Web Views: Activity View

The syneris Activity View is a well-structured Web View with activity- or topic-related entry points.

For new syneris users, the Activity View provides a simple and intuitive entry point to user-specific tasks and duties.

syneris Activity View Direct Access to Tasks

The syneris Activity View provides quick access to specific use cases or activity-related tasks such as

+ Create new work equipment
+ Show valid visitor badges
+ Record findings, ideas, defects, incidents, accidents
+ Download statistics (e.g. incidents, accidents)
+ and more

syneris Activity View Find vs Search

Direct access to the corresponding masks and tasks is enabled, searches or queries are not needed.
With the grouping into areas and sub-areas, the activities to be completed can be found quickly and accessed directly. The user is guided intuitively.

Customized Activities

Title, description and icons of the activities are customizable. Activities can be organized in groups, like tasks to be completed or topics such as occupational safety or QM. They can be distributed to specific user groups and assigned to defined users.

syneris Activity View
syneris Activity View organized in groups
syneris Activity View Tasks

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