Our Partners

Working together for Comprehensive Solutions

Our broad approach to business requirements enables us to respond to individual customer needs. To deliver the best solutions, partners are also involved for the benefit of our customers.

Our development or solution partners support us in specific areas in selecting, introducing and running our products and solutions. Our partners have many years of experience in the TECHNODAT solution environment.

Logo eLearning partner

Partner for systems for measurement and control technology

Partner for digital signatures, verifications and encryption

Partner for application management (outsourcing, ASP services)

Partner for Plant Maintenance incl. document management

Partner for integrated archive / DMS area

Sales partner for CIMGRAPH output management

Sales partner for CIMGRAPH output/plot management – SAP

Sales partner for CIMGRAPH output management

Management Consulting Dr. Maier (CSS)

Partner for electronic signatures, verification and encryption

Partner for SAP connectivity

syneris Vösi TECHNODAT is a member of the Association of Austrian Safety Engineers.

Partner for legal notices, legal service, occupational safety

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