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In terms of occupational safety, employee protection and health protection, the Employee Protection Act (Austrian ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz, ASchG) obliges the employer to train and instruct employees appropriately about their workplace or area of responsibility and about measures to avoid hazards. syneris eLearning and training is a powerful software that supports to meet all these requirements.

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Employer training is crucial to meet all challenges the job demands. The comprehensive syneris system supports the planning, generating, managing and documenting of knowledge transfer. Training and knowledge documents can easily be assigned by using matrices, with syneris controlling the internal release processes.

Self-explanatory and location independent web clients provide access to any learning content such as regulations, guidelines, measures and more in order to prevent accidents or errors and to meet the requirements.
Hence syneris allows full flexibility in aligning training classes and provides a comprehensive overview of the staffs training achievements.

Personal or Face to Face Instruction

Face to face instructions, onboarding with training on the specific workplace or area of responsibility.

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Online instruction: completion status with traffic light function.

Electronic Instruction

Managing general or recurring instructions, keeping track of the trainees‘ development and monitoring their success.

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Visitor Management

Registration, access control, and instruction of external personnel.

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Visitor management with access control
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Web Presentation eLearning & Corporate Training
Learn how to edit, manage, assign and process learning content with syneris. NOTE: In German only!

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