syneris APPs for Scheduled Walk-throughs

Scheduled Walk-through on Tablet with syneris APP

In the course of plant tours, the syneris walk-through APP can provide ideal support.

Perform scheduled walk-through with the syneris APP


In the syneris main application, data for a planned walk-through is entered.

Before the walk-through, the data is synchronized to the tablet

and then selected by mouse click.

Walk-through with syneris APP incl. QR Code assignment


A new finding (e.g. observation or deficiency) is entered.

By scanning the QR code, object or plant data is automatically loaded.

syneris APP incl. photo documentation


Descriptions, remarks and photos can be added.

A time frame for the inspection duties can be defined.

The walk-through can also be supported by checklists.

syneris walk-throughAPP - syneris main application
Interaction of the syneris main application with the syneris walk-through APP

After the walk-through, the data is resynchronized into the main syneris application. Tasks or corrective actions created on the tablet are distributed by workflow automatisms.

The mobile check is again conducted with the support of the syneris APP on the tablet.

Scheduled, app-supported walk-through on the tablet

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