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The syneris APP solutions enable cross-departmental or cross-location work and support swift mobile data capture and data processing.

syneris APPsFlexible and versatile: syneris APPs

The syneris APPs support a wide variety of solution areas such as Work Safety, Quality Management, Audit Management, Maintenance Documentation, and more.
They are fully adjustable and versatile for tablet & smartphone use and can be adapted to the customers’ requirements.

Depending on the requirements, the syneris APPs are used for planned or spontaneous recording activities:

  • Recording and completing tasks
  • Checking of work equipment
  • Recording deficiencies, removing defects
  • Capturing ideas and CIP
  • Recording of near misses, accident data
  • Audits
  • Signing with the signature APP
  • Photo APP: Work stations, work equipment, …
  • Other inspections, walk throughs

syneris Walk-through APP

The syneris walk-through APP for planned offline evaluation activities enables easy data collection on a tablet or smartphone:
Recording of observations and deficiencies with descriptions & photos and consequently safety and efficacy testing during further control rounds (checklist-supported)

How does the syneris APP support planned walk-throughs?

Spontaneous Walk-throughs with the syneris APP

The syneris offline APP for tasks enables swift mobile data collection on smartphone or tablet. Defects that are discovered spontaneously can be corrected immediately, photos can be captured on the go for documentation. Associated tasks or measures can be created, assigned and tracked.

How does the syneris APP support spontaneous data collection?

Checklist-supported walk-through with syneris APP

Inspections and walk-throughs can be easily conducted by using checklists. The user is guided step by step. Defects can be recorded at once and documented with photos subsequently.

How does the syneris checklist walk-through APP support?

syneris APP: checklist supported inspection

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