Workplace Evaluation

Workplace EvaluationLegally Compliant Workplace Evaluation

Collect data – Evaluate situations – Set measures – Check effectiveness – Document status

As part of the workplace evaluation, specialized personnel record the situation, hazards or deficiencies of the respective work areas and initiate appropriate measures for safety in the workplace. The safety-relevant data is documented in a structured manner in syneris.

Capture and Evaluate

Expert personnel (safety officers, safety specialists, occupational physicians) assess the conditions, hazards or deficiencies of the respective work areas:

  • Description of the workplace (premises, equipment)
  • Description of activities and personal data (incl. level of training, required expertise and completed instructions)
  • Safety-related topics (hazards and preventive measures)
  • Information required by law (regulations and standards)

Appropriate risk or hazard prevention measures and resulting tasks are subsequently initiated. All information is automatically transferred to a safety and health document.

Set and Check Measures

In addition to status recording in terms of location and personnel, it is important to survey any stress or hazards that employees may be exposed to. These must be identified, documented and assessed. Measures to avoid hazards or to increase safety must be defined. Working conditions and processes can thus be improved.

Workflows Support Task Distribution

Specific workflows ensure that necessary actions are initiated and swiftly completed by the appropriate personnel, triggered by automated email notifications.

Periodically required checks including measures are initiated automatically by workflows. The information is up-to-date and centrally available at all times.

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