syneris Web Structure Client

Location-independent access with the syneris Web Structure Client

The syneris Web StrukturClient is a full-featured client that resembles the syneris Windows client in its structure, detail and preview display, including its tabs and folders, and has roughly the same functionality.

The syneris Web Structure Client is available read-only and with full editing rights. Easy access to all company-relevant data (regulations, processes, projects …) is thus provided.

As an option, the syneris Web Structure Client offers a search component including full text search. Alternatively, the syneris Web Facet Search Client can be used as an addition to the Web Structure Client.

To retrieve information or structures in the main system, a personal login provides secure, mobile and location-independent access.
Data such as a project with all related information, plans, protocols, notices, emails, etc., can be edited. Modificateion are saved in the main system, considering versioning, history, authorizations, …

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