syneris Web Confirmation Client

Confirm and Comment with the syneris Web Confirmation Client

The streamlined syneris Web Confirmation Client provides easy access to information on department-specific topics that can be confirmed, rejected or commented on with a single mouse click.

The syneris Web ConfirmationClient offers a clear structured display of open confirmations from individual employees.

A variety of documents that are subject to testing from the areas of work safety, quality management, eLearning & training, and technical documentation can be viewed and processed here.
Users are provided with the information in a concise form The syneris Web Confirmation Client supports multi-level inspection runs and read confirmations to the completion of testing obligations.

Persons responsible from areas such as occupational safety, QM, training, engineering have been assigned tasks, inspection duties, ISO documentation (instructions, etc.), instructions and training content, plans and other technical documents. After logging in, the documents to be confirmed are displayed.
Within the scope of a check run, the employee can approve, reject and comment on it. Valid documents can be marked as read and understood. If required, test questions can be added. Tasks and exam questions can be checked off as completed.

Comments and queries can be addressed directly to the person in charge. The latter has an overview of feedback, confirmed information and completed tests.

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