Work equipment, work materials

Work equipment, work materials Manage work equipment, work material and hazardous material with syneris

syneris structures and manages all work equipment, working materials and hazardous substances at work incl. all relevant information.

Manage Work Equipment

All work equipment can be mapped with syneris. The basic data is captured and managed automatically in syneris with associated information such as technical data sheets, measures, checks (one-time or recurring).

Corporate Management of Working Materials and Hazardous Substances

The employer must ensure that dangers from working materials or hazardous substances are identified, eliminated and/or reduced by protective measures to guarantee the employees’ safety.

All working materials required or used can be filed in a master data management system. There is a structured presentation including all details such as categorization, hazards (health hazard, fire or explosion hazard, CMR, toxic), H+P-phrases, MAK + TRK-values and many more.

The pure substances contained in the substances (CAS numbers) can be added directly to the substance. In case of a substitution process, the search for the substances to be substituted can be significantly accelerated.

Safety data sheets can also be kept here and monitored for validity. A release procedure for all necessary employees (safety specialist, fire protection officer and occupational physician), including a workflow with notifications, can be flexibly configured.

It is immediately apparent at which workplaces the substance is used.

Evaluation of Working Substances incl. Planning of Measures

A working substance can be assigned to a workplace syneris then provides support in the evaluation of working materials incl. creating and monitoring measures. If the use of PPE is necessary, these can also be linked to it.

Additional information such as

+ Hazardous substances directories
+ H+P phrases icons
+ Safety data sheets
+ Automatically generated operating instructions
+ MAK + TRK values
+ CAS numbers

are automatically available in syneris at the touch of a button.

Operating instructions are automatically created in syneris and the working substances used are entered in the safety and health document.
A structured view, queries as well as detailed search options guarantee a quick and comprehensive provision of information.

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