Audit Management

Audit management syneris Audit Management

syneris supports
the planning and recording of external audits – assessment and certification by experts
the planning und recording of internal audits by qualified QM managers

Generating Audit Documents

ISO documents, guidelines, process instructions, etc. are captured in syneris, audit documents are created.

Automatic completion of forms, release and consequently assignment to audit catalogues or norms/standards (9001, 14001, 45001:2018, …)

Findings or incidents identified during the audit are defined in syneris (e.g. by type of deviation, focal points). Observations, deviations and resulting measures are distributed to responsible persons.
Subsequently, the causes are analyzed by means of root cause analysis. The evaluation of the findings is done by means of flexible queries, essential information is automatically included in an audit report.
Audit follow-ups can be planned and implemented.

Standards Catalogue

Specific contents can be transferred automatically, e.g. into a QM certification, standards catalogue to be im- mediately available for joint review with the auditor during an audit .

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how syneris supports ISO documentation
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