Work Safety

Health & Safety Software Software-supported Management and Control in Occupational Safety

syneris Work Safety is a comprehensive software solution for covering all aspects of occupational safety and organizing all safety-related business processes.

As a specialized health and safety software syneris supports safety professionals in fulfilling legal obligations, improving business processes, and meeting the requirements of standards to ensure work safety for employees and assets.

Ensuring a Safe Workplace

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syneris safety software manages and structures essential information and provides a comprehensive overview and efficient support in planning and controlling work safety.
Required information is managed in a structured way. Automatisms like automatic generation of safety and health documents, operating instructions, accident reports, statistics,… facilitate the process.

syneris supports in areas such as workplace evaluation, management of working materials & hazardous substances, eLearning & training, and incident management.

syneris APPs provide access wherever site-independent work and mobile data collection are needed.

All In One System

Evaluation with Applicable Documents

syneris provides support in the preparation and implementation of evaluation activities.

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Work equipment, working materials and hazardous substances plus all related information are managed in syneris, as well as hazards and their assessments. Existing hazards and potential improvements can be documented in the system.

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Planning of Measures & Monitoring Effectiveness

Risk assessment, planning and managing of measures including assignation of responsibilites can be handled in syneris.
In addition the effectiveness of measures, continuous improvements and newly occurring hazards can be tracked.
The mandatory documentation of evaluation results is filed in safety and health documents.

Recording all Kinds of Incidents

syneris allows to collect detailed incident related data such as near misses, accidents, injuries, potential hazards, deficiencies, … including root cause analysis, organization of corrective measures, and reports and updates for involved personnel.

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Edit Accident Data

Train, Instruct & Brief

Training and instruction necessary for safety in the workplace, both in person and digitally, can be organized, conducted and documented with syneris.

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Mobile APP Support

The syneris APPs provide support and easy access by tablet and smartphone. They enable fast, mobile data capture, they are versatile and can be customized to meet specific customer requirements.

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syneris APP support for inspections and recording activities
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Learn how syneris supports in occupational safety incl. eLearning, training and instruction. NOTE: In German only!

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