Incident Management

Incident Management Software Managing Comprehensive Incident Data with syneris

All incidents can be captured and managed in syneris, no matter whether accidents at work, near misses or potential risks. This allows to identify root causes and sources of danger at an early stage to implement corrective actions.

Accident Data and Associated Documentation

Any incident, accident or near miss, can be captured in syneris. A simplified syneris Web Client is available for this purpose.
A responsible person (e.g. shift supervisor) enters the basic information about the incident. Photos or relevant information can immediately be attached.

After this initial data entry, the next responsible person (safety professional…) is informed about the incident and can initiate corrective actions.

Automatic Generation of Accident Form

The accident form is automatically filled in by syneris and can be sent by mail to the responsible authorities at the push of a button.

All incident related information like photos, accident report, root cause analysis, post-evaluation, corrective actions, statistics, and any kind of relevant information more can be managed directly at the workplace.

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