Geographic Information Systems

Management of drawings or documents on the example of the interaction between syneris and Smallworld

The utilization of geographic information systems and document management systems is on the constant rise. Especially utilitiy companies like energy suppliers, public utilities and plant operators are challenged by the fact that a lot of information that has a location reference and is thus mapped in GIS systems has to be linked to various documents (e.g. detailed drawings of structures, related technical descriptions). This requires a bidirectional connection.


In one use case, the customer uses Smallworld as the GIS system and syneris for document management. A link between the Smallworld objects and the syneris documents was required. The following features have been implemented:

  • A unique keyword is used as link information between a Smallworld object and a syneris document.
  • The user selects a document in syneris. Smallworld automatically navigates to the linked Smallword object.
  • The user selects a Smallworld object. All syneris documents linked to this Smallworld object are displayed.
Benefit for the User
  • A user works in his task-specific application and can equally access information from the other system.
  • Information is – to a large extent – not saved redundantly.
  • The documents are centrally available.
  • Information or objects are managed in the designated applications.

Since the data organization in GIS systems as well as the document types and structures are mostly company-specific, the linking of syneris with a GIS system must always be project-oriented.

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