ElektroCAD Linking

syneris is used by companies in a wide range of industries interlinking with CAD/CAE systems such as RUPLAN, ELCAD, Engineering Base and EPLAN.

syneris RUPLAN Interaction

Projects and structures are created in syneris, the editing of the plans, drawings takes place in RUPLAN.
Newly created or modified RUPLAN plans are automatically transferred to syneris including the title block data.


syneris management of RUPLAN projects, functions and plans:

  • Projects and functions are created in syneris.
  • Customized project templates can be used for this purpose.
  • Status management in syneris – statuses such as: “In process”, “In review”, “Released”, including workflow management
    After a status change or in the course of new revision states in syneris, the respective plans including title block data are updated automatically in RUPLAN. The regeneration of the preview and viewing formats is workflow controlled, then the data is transferred to syneris.
  • Previewing of RUPLAN plans is possible in syneris, viewing either in syneris or in RUPLAN, opening and editing directly in RUPLAN.
Benefit for the User

syneris enables

  • display of Ruplan plans without using the originating system
  • search in header data
  • automatic update of the title block data in RUPLAN
  • automatic generation of preview and viewing formats
  • printing without using the originating system

syneris Platform