Email Management

Efficient Email Management

The increasing volume of emails and attachments calls for efficient management and archiving. However, it is not only the quantity but also the importance of emails, often as part of essential business processes, that has increased their significance. An email including the message content and attachments can be a note, an offer, an order, a contract, and so forth. Hence data must be assignable to a project, an object, a plant, a customer or a process.

Simple Email Assignment

Incoming emails can be imported w/o attachments into syneris in an automated way. This ensures the correct assignment to categories and order structures.

Alternatively, the mail assignment can be done manually by drag & drop and supplemented with additional metadata. A mail file can be converted to a multipage PDF/A file (body plus attachments). This supports secure storage.

Distribution lists can be defined in syneris. Emails plus link can be automatically distributed to persons on the list.

With the send email function any document can be sent as attachment from within the system. The attachments are automatically zipped and sent in a memory-saving way.

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