Correspondence Management

The ever-increasing number of electronic documents requires an efficient and integrative software system to handle a wide variety of data and to manage correspondence such as mails, tasks, reports, and more.

There is a number of categories such as letters, protocols, offers, orders, notes, mails, general documents and more with corresponding templates. The syneris template management enables documents to be created swiftly and conveniently.

Overview of Structures by Version and Revision Management

syneris interacts with existing MS Office applications, MS Visio,… and various mail systems. At the touch of a button, the documents of the respective application can be managed, researched and opened for re-editing.
Thanks to the flexibly customizable syneris version & revision management, an overview is ensured despite different versions and across different locations.

Access Authorization and Task Management

Regulated access by an authorization system, automated workflow mechanisms, ranging from status networks to task management, turn syneris into an adequate tool, both for general administration and for specific tasks such as invoice verification or order processing.

syneris Platform