AutoCAD Linking

Safe and Convenient Plan Management

The AutoCAD linking allows to manage AutoCAD files comfortably and securely in syneris.


+ New creation, loading and saving drawings

+ Automated import of title block data by drag & drop (supplier data and legacy data)

+ Automatic update of the title block data in the drawing

+ Automatic generation of a preview format (including automatic scaling), viewing format (e.g. PDF or Tiff) and if required archive format (PDF/A)

+ Search for drawing attributes

+ Full text search

+ Manage referencing AutoCAD drawings (Xrefs)

+ Manage hyperlinks

Benefit for the user

+ Management of all drawings in a single central system

+ Access to files even without AutoCAD license (Tiff or PDF files)

+ Matching the font header data with the metadata in syneris

+ Storage of AutoCAD drawings in a secure “vault”.

+ Possibility of setting up a defined workflow

+ Status security, automated status-bound format conversions (preview, view, archive)

+ Redundancy avoidance

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