syneris APP for Collecting Data on-the-fly

Capturing Data by App

The syneris APP enables mobile data capturing on smartphone or tablet.

The syneris spontaneous walk-through app allows mobile task recording on the go with the support of customized checklists. Any spontaneously discovered defects or deficiencies can be recorded including photo documentation and annotations.
Associated tasks, corrective actions and measures can be created, assigned and tracked.

syneris APP: Deficiency recording


In case of a spontaneous sighting of defects or deficiency, the syneris APP allows swift data collection.

syneris Spontaneous APP incl. Voice Command


Therefore a new task to remove a deficiency is created, a description can be entered by voice command.

Photos, deadlines and responsible employees are assigned.

syneris Spontaneous APP - Elimination of defects


After synchronization with the main system, defect removal is initiated automatically by workflows.

syneris Tasks APP - Main system
Interaction of the syneris main application with the syneris Tasks APP

Subsequently, an efficacy test can be performed.

Record defects with just a few clicks by app

How does the syneris APP support planned walk-throughs?

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